CJ750 toolbox
Hand-selector for reverse gear by Richard Cook
"I removed the lever with a 14 mm wrench. The lever then just pulls off. I hacksawed the end that holds the rubber on off the upper lever off to match the size of the Jeep manifold stud I happened to have around."
"I then heated and bent the round part of the lever what would be forward and up. Be sure to measure where you want it carefully and don’t bend the flat part of the lever as it has to clear the case. At this point I rechecked that it was where I wanted to it to go by installing it on the bike. I wanted it where I would not bump it but my hand could reach the knob."
"I butt welded the Jeep manifold stud to the round part of the lever. Then ground the weld down to match. I selected a piece of pipe to beef the diameter of the rod up to what I considered would be strong."
"I rejected a piece of my old stainless music stand as too flashy, a piece of an old steel camera tripod was too spindly, but the pipe was just right."
"Measurements indicated it was a press fit on the stud so I cut it to the length I wanted and heated and pressed it on. After a coat of gloss black and an auto parts store knob rethreaded to pipe thread it seems to do the job."