CJ750 toolbox
Brake shoes

These brake shoes are best described as crap. They're what was originally on my DTE bike. Also, when I ordered spare brakes from one of the lesser known vendors in PRC, these are what I got. As you can see in three of the photos, the linings broke away from the shoes. Those rivets can do a number on your brake drum. These parts have no brand ID and if I were the manufacturer, I wouldn't put my name on them either. If these are what you have on your bike, I would urge you to replace them with something better. (See below...)

Can somebody translate the tag? We'd benefit by being able to specify this brand when ordering parts. In my experience, these are decent quality, and they cost no more than the crappy ones shown above. Does anyone recognize the brand name?
STAND BY for this late-breaking development from Jean Descoteaux:

"Looks like no brand is better than the other. This is from a friend's bike. His front brake seized and that's what we found. They were brand new pads." [To be continued...]