CJ750 toolbox

World's cheapest carb balancer by Ross Kowalski

There is an article around on the internet about a $2 carb balancer. I built one but never used it because the carbs didn't have vacuum nipples on them. I drilled a couple holes in the carbs on the vacuum side of the slide, connected some heat proof teflon tubing to the fittings and ran them to the sides of the balancer. The balancing went something like this.

1)   Ran the engine to operating temp.

2)   Checked the mixture setting screws.

3)   Turned the throttle adjusters on the top of the carbs all the way in and lightly thightened the locking nut (to avoid air leaks)

4)   Adjusted the balancer for equal vacuum with the idle screws

5)   Took most of the slop out of the throttle cables

6)   Adjusted them for equal vacuum at speed.

7)   Rechecked everything.

8)   Put covers on the vacuum nipples.

It was fairly painless. If I didn't have the teflon tubing and fittings on hand, they would have cost maybe $5 but it is a good idea as cheapo vinyl tubing that close to anything hot is not a good idea.

The balancer works just as described in the article.

I also used a lot of fluid, the extra weight makes the whole thing act more slowly and thus easier to read.