CJ750 toolbox
Useful information about cables
Brake cables come in different lengths. Indeed, I have five spares in five lengths! For the record, the best length is 50", or 125cm. (The longer they are, the more they stretch.) You should specify length when ordering. You also may want to specify black as they come in different colors as well. You might not have much use for a pink one.
What type of clutch cable is on your bike? You need to know before ordering replacements as the two types are not interchangeable. This is the type found on my 1977 military SV.
Seen from the port side, this is the clutch lever. Adjustments are made at the bracket just forward of this.
And here is the type of clutch cable found on a 2001 civilian SV from Dong Tian. Note that it has two places where adjustments can be made.
Here's the clutch lever as seen from the starboard side. It's quite a bit different from the other style and obviously, only this type of cable will work with this lever. Again, you need to specify which type you need when ordering.
Because of vibration, these babies won't stay in adjustment for long unless you do something to keep it there. This one has a bit of stainless steel wire holding it in place.
If you have additional, useful information regarding these or any of the other cables used on CJs, please feel free to send it and I'll add it to this page.