CJ750 toolbox

A modified 6V ignition system by Ross Kowalski

"Here are two images of the ignition system on the red bike.

It is a 6V positive ground system with no distributor.

The coil is a dual terminal coil with its power wire running to the points on what was formerly the distributor. It uses the same wasted spark system of the 12V negative ground bikes.

I wasn't sure how well this system would work, but with about 600k on the bike it has run without a hitch and the plugs are textbook.

It eliminates one HT wire as well as the rotor and cap. Actually the cap is still there as a dust cover for the points.

You can also see the Kodak bulk 35mm film can lid I am using as a cover for the pre-war air filter. I painted it red to match the bike. It works great as long as you remember to remove it when starting."