CJ750 toolbox
Fixing a broken odometer by Bart Sanders

While servicing my CJ750 M1 after 3000km of holiday travel, I needed to replace a 6V bulb inside the headlight.

I took out the reflector unit and two small parts fell out... The bearing cap and the horizontal odometer gear-axle!

A big hole in the odometer quickly revealed the original position of these two parts. The meter must have stopped counting on the last kilometers driving home.

So, I decided to have a good look and see if the odometer could be put into service again. Yes! It's built really clever and it can be serviced. But, due to sloppy assembly in some factory, the bearing cap sits loose in the housing. Much to our delight, we do not see such sub-standard assembly quality very often in our Chinese bikes... (-;

Here is the manual and some pictures.

  • Remove the chrome cover holding the glass by bending back the 4 metal lips. The chrome sleeve can now be removed.
  • Remove the needle by pushing with a suitable tool carefully from the backside, just beneath the KM/Mile coverplate.
  • Remove the two screws which hold the bell and spring frame. Take it out by grabbing the needle-axle and move it vertically out of the lower needle bearing.
  • Remove the steel cup which is centered around the aluminium bell. In my case it sits pretty loose. Use glue at assembly to fix it.
  • Remove the bearing of the odometer scale. It has a screwdriver slot and can easily be unscrewed from the housing.
  • Take out the odometer scale. The rectangular position pegs rest on the backside of the KM/Mile coverplate.
  • Clean all bearing holes and surfaces and re-grease.
  • Fix the odometer horizontal gear-axle in its position, put the bearing-cap in its hole and use epoxy or cyanacrylate glue to fix this cap.
  • This cap is loose very often and may simply fall out. The axle slips out and the odometer stops counting. If you are lucky, these two parts remain inside the headlight housing...
  • Put everything together in reverse order. Clean the scale and the inside of the glass before putting back the chrome sleeve.
  • Push back the metal lips inside their notches.

Your original LM-160 chinese odometer suddenly has received nine lives!