CJ750 toolbox
Removing the rear wheel on a Chang Jiang by Ross Kowalski
Remove the cotter pin...
...on the axle nut.
Loosen the 19mm axle nut and washers
Remove the bolts to the fender supports, I have the "BMW style" fender brackets so I have bolts located at the top of the drive side plunger, if you have a standard fender bracket it will be located at the bottom of the drive side plunger.
Move the fender up and hold it there with a wire or bungee cord
Loosen the nut on the pinch bolt on the non-drive side plunger.
Put a drift (anything about 6mm in diameter and big enough you can put some hurt on it) in the axle hole and twist and pull the axle out of the bike.
Resist the urge to "tap it through" by hitting the threaded end. If you cannot pull it through with your hands, prying the drive side up a little while pulling and twisting the axle out should help.
From the back of the bike, move the wheel off of the drive splines...
...and roll it out from under the bike.
Anytime you have the wheel off the bike, check the brake shoes.
You will notice mine are shiny so I sanded them with some 100 grit to take the glaze off
Putting the wheel back on the splines. (The wheel I removed had a black rim and the wheel I put on is chrome. I was swapping for one with a rounder rim.) The drive plunger is heavier than than the other plunger. The drive plunger now has the weight of the wheel on it as well. Result, the drive side plunger is lower than the non drive side plunger.
Raising the wheel and drive side plunger up will allow the axle to slide in easily. As you can see from the picture the prying mechanism was pretty fancy, but you could use almost anything.
Raise the wheel and drive side plunger up until the axle is roughly straight.
Again resisting the urge to hammer anything, push and twist the axle back into place until the shoulder presses lightly against the bearing.
I lined the hole on the axle vertically because it positioned the cotter pin hole on the bolt side into a position where I could actually get a cotter pin in.
Tighten the axle nut first, then he pinchbolt nut. Put the fender back in place and check the light(s).