CJ750 toolbox
LED daytime running light headlamp by Miin Leong
I went to a local electronic parts store to get some wires & heat sink. On the rack I spotted many super bright 1W LEDs. Hmmm. I told the sales guy that I want to put this on a motorcycle as a daytime running light for a 12V system, and he sold me a 24 ohm resistor to match.
After all hooked up I was shocked that it was super bright, almost as bright as my low beam 55W headlights.

* Test your bike with a voltage tester to make sure your bike is not over charging or it will blow your LED.

* For metal back headlights only.

Connect one side of the resistor to the power rail inside the headlight bucket , when you turn the key on there is power.

On the end of the resistor solder approx 6 inch red wire, heatsink the exposed wire and add a female connector on the other end

Black wire approx 6 inch, find ground in headlight bucket and connect. Add a female connector on the other end.

On the LED solder approx. 4 inches of wire, red to positive, black to negtive and add male connector to the ends.

On the headlight drill a 17/64 or 1/4 inch hole, sand the area to be bonded. Use quick dry bond, about 5-6 minutes to set, wait 4 hours to completely harden and install headlight back on.

1 W LED - they come in many colours.

For 12V system use a 22 to 27 Ohm 10W resistor

For 6 volts system use 6 Ohm 10W resistor