CJ750 toolbox Got sediment? from Ross Kowalski
I fired up most of the engines sitting around the house a couple of days ago including the Changs.

I drained the old gas from the string trimmer, chainsaw, mower, etc. and added it to the CJ because it has a sediment bowl to catch the water and other winter nasties from the other engines. With its low compression ratio, it tends to deal better with ultra low octane hand-me-down gas.

After flushing the fogging oil from the cylinders to the crankcase using gasoline, I lightly oiled the cylinders with synthetic and it fired right up.

Of course the breather oil trap was soon belching nasty gas/oil goo out the drain hole, but it settled down and everything seems to be good to go for spring.

Nothing beats a sediment trap for keeping the bad stuff out of the carbs.