CJ750 toolbox
Installing a clutch cable by Richard Cook
Freddie B. (CJ Parts Depot) dropped by today on his way back from Hawaii to drop off a couple of clutch cables I had bought from him.
My cable lasted a little more than a year of around town driving nearly every day; I use this bike for all my local errands. Since I also use a CJ clutch cable for my front brake it will pay me to keep a spare, of course I’d forgotten that I used my spare to adapt the Triumph brake. Luckily for me Fred had them in stock in San Jose.

We had lunch and then came back to do the world’s quickest installation so poor Fred could get a nap.

My cable broke off at the handlebar end so I just pulled it back through to get it out of the way.
Next remove the screw that holds the lever to the lever mount.
Once the lever is off you will find a flathead screw inside the handlebar that goes to the brass device that locks the lever in place.
Loosen this screw several turns and tap it with a hammer to free up the lever mount and remove the mount. Try not to go too far and lose the clamping part inside the handlebar unit. You can see how it should look in the picture. Remove the old cable end and pull the cable back through the hole in the handlebar.
Feed the cable out of the bike and unscrew the end of the cable adjuster on the engine. The lock nut on mine was 12 mm. There are a couple of ways you can install the new cable, lube it first if you wish.
The way we used was to feed the handlebar end in through the hole in the bars first. Feed the other end through the forks and down toward the clutch.
Then we installed the end in the lever mount. It would be best to install the lever mount next and tighten the internal screw as you can’t get to it with the lever on. Then insert the cable end and install the operating lever on the bar end. all the way down.
Next you could either install the clutch end or Fred says he always has clearance to install the cable with the adjuster. We did it Fred’s way and sure enough when we installed the adjuster screwed way end you could just force the cable into the clutch lever. If you had to you could push the lever a bit with a bar.

Then only thing left is to adjust the cable to your personal specifications. I like at least an eighth of an inch free play at the clutch actuating lever on the transmission end. I didn’t try too hard because I know the cable will stretch for a while and require a few readjustments. I also plan to put an external spring on it but that can wait until I give it a throw out bearing.

While you are at the transmission end make sure that the mechanism that throws the clutch is free and lubed and this is not why your cable broke in the first place. (Sorry about the reflection off the head of the old bald guy.)
The next job was to find a fearless test driver, oh Fred……..
He hadn’t tried the bike since it got new carbs, Triumph brake, and standard brakes adjusted and cleaned.
...let's give it a whirl.
He came back in one piece so I think we are finished.