CJ750 toolbox
Disc Brake upgrade by Paul Gardner

Living in Shanghai, I became fed up with the near-death experiences where Shanghai taxis would cut in front of me and stop suddenly in the middle of the road to pick up passengers. Also my wife kept complaining about the state of my underwear.

A year ago I upgraded to M5 wheels all round with wider shoes and this definitely improved the situation but not as much as I wanted. So I’ve just invested in a front disc brake kit from Luke in Beijing and I now have a perfect front brake.

The kit comes with the following parts: replacement right hand lower fork leg (new one has bracket attached), disc (this fits into the hub using the splined joint so all wheels are still interchangeable), brake lever with master cylinder, hydraulic hose, front brake caliper, throttle grip and 2-1 throttle cable right and left hand handle bar switches and new clutch lever. Due to my business commitments I could not do the fitting myself so the kit was installed at Luke’s shop in Shanghai by his mechanic. I was totally satisfied with the work carried out.

I know there has been a lot of discussion about the forks not being strong enough for a disc brake but the stopping force required by the front brake is a component of the bike's weight and velocity, irrespective of the type of brake. Gentle braking and using the gearbox is fine in theory but of little practical use driving on Shanghai roads

I now feel more in control, feel safer and my wife saves on washing powder. I would thoroughly recommend this upgrade from Luke's Sidecar.