CJ750 toolbox
Repairing a missing slide guide in a Mikuni copy by Richard Cook
I had the float stick in one of my Mikunis which caused me to inspect it. I was surprised to see the lower slide guide missing. My engine must have eaten it; luckily it is nylon or some kind of plastic. This could cause your throttle to stick.
I believe someone posted on this issue before with a Bing copy and they used a brass woodscrew if I recall correctly. I masked the inside of the carb off with blue masking tape to keep chips out of the jets. This will save you a lot of cleaning up so don’t skip this step.
I decided to use a brass screw that is left over from a TV repairman’s yard sale kit I bought years ago. It is just a bit larger than the outer part of the slide guide hole. The inner part is oblong and they must mold the guide in place as you can see the little lower guide in the picture.
I drilled out the oblong part of the hole to the same diameter as the outside part. Then I cut down the screw I used to just be a bit longer than I needed. I measured the screw and selected a tap to fit. After tapping the hole I checked it with the screw to make sure I had a fit.
Then I filed the end of the screw down to be just under the diameter of the slot in the slide. My theory was that by using a screw I could easily adjust for depth and to make sure the guide was exactly vertical.
After a test fit I put blue Locktite on the screw to seal it and hold it, I used blue in case I needed to readjust it. I then ran the slide back and forth to check the fit and it is working fine. I let the Loctite cure and then fitted the carb. It seems to be working well and perhaps I’ll do the same to the other carb to be sure.