CJ750 toolbox
Installing a small pillion pad on the rack by Richard Cook

A friend gave me some old BMW club magazines and I saw several versions of pillions installed on the racks of old BMWs.

I didn’t like having to swing my leg way up to clear the stock second seat or the looks of it, so I removed and traded it to a CJU fan who wanted to be able to carry both wife and daughter.

I was cruising eBay for something I could adapt as it is kind of a pain to make good looking upholstery. There are many types for Harleys and cruisers, a lot of them just stick onto the fender with suction cups. I measured my bike and chose this one as close to where I wanted it to cover.
It shipped quickly and got here yesterday. All I needed to do was make a couple of brackets to make it fit the original holes.
First I laid the seat on the bike and adjusted it where I’d like it. It seemed to fit better with the flatter part to the front. Then I searched my junk until I found some bracket material.

That’s a sink drain actuator on front and some spa machine part my wife gave me that she can no longer identify. I removed a handle from it and ended up with a flat black inch steel piece that was about the size I needed.

Then I laid the parts out on the bike and considered where they would all fit and measured and marked them with masking tape.

I cut off to length, drilled, and attached the front bracket on with a couple of rivets. For the drop down bolts I used some license plate bolts I had here. I used some brass screws so I could remove them if I was off and when it fit the bike ok I riveted it in place.

Then I rechecked the rear bracket and put it n with one rivet to test. It fit well so it got more rivets.

Then finally mounting the pillion with Locktite and I think it looks ok. With three bolts it is easy to remove if desired.