CJ750 toolbox
Duplex front brake assembly - Ruud Pols
Ruud's bike has a duplex front brake assembly. Not only is this a great looking bike, but it can stop on a guilder.
Check it out!
The brake works well. And making it fit is very easy. I suggest that you look at the pictures on my site. They show the work in progress

1) You need to make the brake pads a bit smaller. About 0.5cm. You can check this in the wheel drum. Also the brake unit is to big (thick), make it 0.5cm smaller with a handsaw.

2) The brake material is bad. I replaced this with a racing brake material, soft material for good braking.

3) Make the new pad fit in your drum. This could you do it by yourself with sandpaper or by the firm who replaced the material. I chose the last.

4) I didn’t, but you can let make your drum perfect round. I said, I didn’t.

5) Remove the stop of the old brake from your fork (or cut a piece out of the new brake plate).

6) Assemble and adjust.

It's not a brake like a modern bike, but better than the regular CJ brakes. Behind (rear wheel) I replaced the brake material made the drum good and round. Braking is very good.

Remove 2mm from the brake plate.
Duplex 2mm verwijderen van de plaat.
Remove some material from the stop so it fits the CJ fork.
Duplex plaat aanpassen aan vork.
Remove 5mm from the brake shoe to fit in the brake drum.
Duplex schoenen op maat maken.
Both shoes ready.
Schoenen op maar maken.