CJ750 toolbox
A wrist pin removal and installation tool by Frans de Wit

For the first time in my life I have made a tool for myself! A simple one, but it works too! At the risk of having re-invented the wheel I want to share this experience with you all....

As I burned a hole in my piston due to a too lean mixture, it needed replacement.
Up till now I used to knock the piston pin out with a socket and hammer which wasn't good for my crank. I tried to soften the blows with my knee, but that doesn't really help, so I had an idea. With some stuff I had lying around and a few bought parts, I manufactured a piston pin pushing tool, with even a little part of a CJ saddle I had.
Three nuts, some threaded rod (any size), some 21mm tubing (no idea where that came from, but there it was!) and a washer, a small part of a CJ saddle that is used as a stopper and two 26mm central heating socks that I cellotaped together. That was the only bit I had to buy.
The DIY shop didn't have a piece of 26mm long enough, so I got two pieces and put them together.

As I am in the Netherlands everything is of course metric. That doesn't really matter, as long as your pushing piece of tubing isn't bigger than 21mm, as your piston pin is about 22mm.

Take out the rings holding the piston pin in the piston, put the threaded rod with two nuts and the washer at the end, and the piece of tubing through the piston pin, at the other end place the 26mm piece (I put two layers of duct tape over the end to avoid scratching), the stopper and the third nut and make sure everything is straight.
Hold the two nuts on the left in a spanner and start twisting the other end. The piston pin will come out smoothly.
When the piston pin clears the connecting rod, unscrew the lot and finish on your workbench. It's out!
When you turn some bits around, the piston pin pusher will also pull the piston pin back in, thus saving you the replacement of the crank!
As we say in Holland: eenvoudig, doch doeltreffend!