CJ750 toolbox
Electronic ignition installation on an M1 converted to 12V - by Dan Cason
"I spoke with the Dynatek folks about the voltage needed to run the Dyna DS1-3 electronic ignition that I installed on my M1. Only the coils work on 6V, not the pickups. (I converted to 12V on mine.) The maximum draw in this system is about 8 amps, but that's in an extreme case with Goldwing dual output coils using lost spark ignition. If anyone has an idea how to get 12V just to the pickup coils, please drop us a line. I thought about two small 6V batteries connected with a diode, charged in parallel and wired in series to the pickup coils."
All the parts. The old points plate is stripped down to just the timing lug on top that hits the retard adjustment screw.
The pickup plate and the stand-off that moves the pickup plate out and over the distributor housing. The stand-off is drilled so a lock screw will work no matter where you locate the pickup plate when it's timed to the cam magnet.
The stand-off bolted on and the unit in place. The tension springs go in the slots just like stock.
The plastic bushing that presses into the distributor housing. The stand-off turns inside this. It makes the whole unit turn very smoothly and stay centered so things don't rub.
The bushing in place. It is also the dust cover that keeps grit from getting near the seal area of the camshaft.
The pickup plate installed. The position of the wires is a factor here. I put them where they can flex without too much strain on them when the advance lever is used. The screws are the only thing holding the plate in place. This is how the plates were held in place on my Goldwings. Makes timing it easy.
The parts of the magnetic rotor. A clamp for the end of the camshaft fastens like the stock rotor. The magnetic ring which is a stock Dynatek turned down to shorten it so the whole thing fits under the front engine cover..
The finished assembly. The pickup coils have to be moved on the plate so they are 180% apart. This doesn't have to be perfect as the pickups are adjustable separately.
Dynatek coils for this project. I will mount them in tandem under the tank. The DS1-3 comes with a ballast resistor to drop the voltage to 6 volts, not needed on stock M1s. You have to change the polarity to negative ground. Also, be sure when you balance your carbs by pulling plug wires on one side that you insulate your hand. These things are HOT!