CJ750 toolbox
Installing manometer ports on CJ carbs by Favian Scioscia
Step 1 – parts & tools. Purchase a threaded tube. (I used a brass plumbing supply.) A 1/8"double ended compression union; have the appropriate drill bit sizes, tap and die set with the proper tap size for the thread, drill/drill press.
(I just used a cordless drill. It’s soft and thin metal so I wasn’t too concerned with a drill press.) Cutting oil, plumbing soldering equipment (eg solder, flux torch.)
Step 2 – Where to put the port. Make sure you are on the proper side of the carb between where the slide on the carb is and the head of the engine. On the CJcarbs there is a nice area to put it as you can see in the pics..
Step 3. Once you figure out the proper drill sizes and tap size (it should be listed with the tap and die kit or Google it), start with a small drill bit and work your way up to the final size.
Trying to jump sizes will get the bit caught if you are not using a drill press so take your time!
Remember to use cutting oil as you go.
First make sure you stuff a clean rag or shop towel into the carb so metal bits won’t clog things up.
Step 4. After the hole is drilled, use the tap slowly and carefully. There is not a lot of meat here so if you mess it up you may be soldering it shut and starting again.
Step 5. Install the threaded tube. Make sure not to screw it in too far.
I left mine flush with the inside of the carb.
Step 6. I soldered this in to make sure it stays put. For heaven’s sake make sure you empty the carb of all the gas and give it time to evaporate!
Put a little flux just as you would solder a pipe, heat it up a bit and let the solder run, but make sure it does not overflow into the carb. Again a clean rag is your friend.
That’s it. I also got some vinyl covers to go over the ports when they are not being used for adjusting – as I think it would be bad to let all that air in while driving, they are used for covering end of bolts so no one hurts themselves, you can get them at any big box hardware store.

Cost a few loonies and toonies