CJ750 toolbox
Making a manometer (carburetor synchronizer) by Favian Scioscia
This was so simple it wasn’t funny. I took an old 1x6” plank about 7’ long, and some ” vinyl tubing, 20’ length.
Used some clips to screw it down and ran the tube 5’ from the bottom, up both sides. From there I was left with 5’ each side. To fill it up, I just added about five tea bags to some cold water, let it sit for a few minutes, took a mouthful and basically just blew it into the tubing. Like you would blow into a straw in a cup, but with tea, not air.
I used tea because it was very easy to see and it would be harmless if it got sucked into the carb while running. Trust me, I know all of it did when one of the cylinders died on me. It was a bit of a panic but. oh well. it lived.
So fill it about 3’ high on each side. It finds its own level. Blow out or shake out any excess. Hook it up to the bike, start it and run it. As it’s running you will see the levels go up and down as each side intakes fuel. Adjust the two carbs accordingly. There are many good sites that show you how to use a manometer (aka carburetor synchronizer), just Google it! I think I spent under $10 Canadian.