CJ750 toolbox Changing a broken spoke by Bill Taylor
Broken spokes can be changed in a few minutes; here’s how:
No need to take the wheel off the bike, simply jack up the bike enough to get the wheel off the ground, and then deflate the tire so the spoke nipple can be pushed in easily. Remove the broken spoke (most likely a short spoke on the rear wheel).
Test fit the new spoke. It may be too long and will have to be shortened a millimetre or two.
Push the spoke nipple in against the inner tube so that it is flush with the rim, then swing the spoke into place and push the end into the spoke nipple. The nipple will then pop out, just enough to grip with a spoke wrench.
Tighten the spoke so that when tapped, it “pings” with about the same pitch as the adjacent spokes.
Some short spokes, depending on their position, may be difficult to swing into place because one of the long spokes is in the way. If that’s the case, just loosen the offending long spoke enough to disengage the hub end, and swing it out of the way.