Making an oil pump extension tube for a deep sump by Dan Cason
Put the plate in cardboard to protect the surface from the vise jaws. Drill the suction hole out to 11/32". Be careful not to drill bigger.
Tap the hole with the 1/8" NPT pipe tap. Tap a little, then fit the nipple till the nipple goes just barely through the plate.
You're done with this end.
The bottom cup is a 5/8" straight pipe cap from the plumbing section of the hardware store, it gets drilled and tapped 1/8" NPT. It's brass so the brass screen I used will solder easier.
Drill and tap the cap fitting the nipple as you go so you won't go too deep.
Tighten the nipple into the plate very tight.
Using a small cold chisel, "stake" the nipple to the plate by hitting the inside edge of the pipe out and into the plate just a little. You'll have to give it a pretty good whack.
You can see the proper results of the staking.
Solder the pipe nipple to the plate. Use flux and clean the parts to bare metal and no grease before you do.
Clean and solder the other end. Then clean off all the spatter and little solder balls so they don't end up in the oil.
Place the screen in the inside of the cup. The screen I used was in the faucet repair section of the hardware store and I chose one that fit the cup well.
Carefully flux the edge of the screen and the rim of the cup. Use small diameter solder and just enough to stick the screen to the edge. Don't make solder balls inside the cup housing. They might get loose and cause trouble.
Clean the whole part. Notice the nipple protruding through the plate. This must be removed flush with the plate without scratching the plate.
Start by filing perfectly parallel to the plate surface without touching the plate surface. Slow down, do this right.
When you are as close as you dare, put a sheet of sand paper or emery cloth on a flat hard surface. I used 150 grit sand paper. You can use a table saw, your wife's granite countertop, a piece of glass or something like that to sand on. Move the part back and forth in different directions until the whole surface of the plate and nipple is perfectly flat without scratches.
This is how it should look. You can see where you staked it with the chisel.
Fit up the pump to make sure you'll have clearance when the deep sump pan is installed. The pump is at a little angle so you can't have a large diameter cup without offsetting the hole. The bottom of the cup should stick down around 2" from the bottom of the crankcase. Use Loctite when bolting everything up.
Okay, thats it, you're done. Be sure not to make the extension so long that it sits too close to the bottom of the pan. Give everything a little breathing room above the crud that might be on the bottom.