Sidecar fender bracket details
The most common CJ sidecar frames have a sidecar step like the ones in the first few pictures. Less common is the open-step variety, and the rarest is the M72 style frame with part of the framework outside and over the top of the fender. These pictures illustrate some of the ways this detail can be treated when a bike is painted. They might provide some ideas for your next project.
On PLA bikes, the frame is painted olive drab along with the sheet metal. The bracket blends in completely.
This bracket is unusual because it's on the outside of the fender.
This bracket is on a black frame, but it's painted to match the sheet metal—a common practice.
Same bike, but with the bracket painted black.
Here's a bracket that's been painted to match the frame instead of the sheet metal. Note the curved edges on the fender. Most are squared off along the bottom.
This M72 has an open step. They're sometimes found on CJs as well. The fender bracket is painted black to match the frame. Like the one above, this M72 fender has nice contours.
The early style M72/CJ frame isn't the best looking, but it's unique by virtue of its rarity. Here, the frame and sheet metal are the same color. Since this frame extends over the top of the fender, painting it to match the sheet metal makes the best sense.