Valve installation using a drill press by Dan Cason
Here's the spring seat. There is a seal under this. You probably don't have to remove this to lap your valves. The seals on mine were old and brittle.
The parts of a valve assembly.
Spring goes on next...
...then the top spring cap.
The setup ready to compress in the drill press. The thing used for pressing on the spring cap is a special socket for removing an oxygen sensors on a car. You can get them at any auto parts store.
Pull down on the drill press handle to compress the spring far enough to expose the notch in the top of the valve stem that the keeper clicks into.
I sometimes use a magnetic screwdriver to get the keeper back into the notch. Our valves are large enough that your fingers will work okay here too.
Bad pic...
Use a pick to move the wedges around until they are lined up properly to fall into the notch as you let up pressure on the spring.
This is the socket. You can use this method on the overhead valve models also, but you may have to slide a little wedge under the face of the valve to get the assembly to line up better.