Forward thrust bracket for the generator by Francois Roux
I arranged a tight fixation system for the generator on my M1 to avoid oil leaks.
Actually the interest of my alternative is that you just need to drill a hole in the original part, and reshape it a little bit, so to make a 90 angle and allow a better contact against the back of the generator.
You just need to add a pair of nuts, washers and a 12mm diameter scew to complete the whole assembly.
Additionally I figured out that the generator fixation clap was screwed in the engine body, from precisely where the oil could also leak. I therefore applied a drop of sealing paste when putting back the screws of the generator claps.
The thing is that as I didn't start again my bike, because it is still in reconstruction, I haven't checked if this modification gives good results. At least it couldn't be worse than the original one!