OHV crankshaft placement by Bill Taylor
I just finished installing a new crankshaft in an OHV engine that seized up three years ago. It took several tries, but I finally managed to slip the crankshaft into place with no trouble. So I pulled it out and took a few pictures, just in case I have to do it again sometime. If the last three years are any indication, I'll be pulling the engine out before the summer is over!

Getting the crankshaft in or out of an OHV engine is awkward. It only fits in one way, and it’s not all that obvious. Here is a quick summary of how to do it:

Line up the connecting rods pointing to the right, with the crankshaft rotated as if the right piston is at TDC.
Slide the crankshaft in at a downward angle, guiding the right connecting rod into place.
Rotate the crankshaft counter clockwise a little, and then guide the left connecting rod into place. Straighten the crankshaft and ease it into its final position.