Installing a Dan Cason oil pump pickup extender
Now it's my turn to install extended oil pick-ups on my bikes. I started by printing out Richard Cook's write-up of the procedure. This was invaluable. And before we get started, I should mention that since CJs lack standardization, most engines will require spacers in order to seat the oil pump. This is critical, and Dan is working on them right now.
Dan Cason includes this instruction sheet with each assembly... well as this photo. A picture does indeed paint a thousand words.
Draining the oil. This bike has a 3/4" drain plug. My other bike has a 17mm.
Bike raised sufficiently with my beloved floor jack.
It's time to drop the pan. This one has 10mm bolts.
A mirror comes in really handy doing this particular job. I made extensive use of it.
There. The inside looks pretty good...
...but the outside needs a good cleaning. This is what your sump will look like if you ride on the same kinds of roads as me.
I've just removed the retaining wire...
...and the screen slides right off. This part can be discarded as you won't be reusing it.
A 7mm & 10mm wrench are required to remove the bottom plate and the oil pump itself.
Here's how your new extender is packaged.
It comes with two pairs of allen head bolts plus instructions.
You'll be needing some allen wrenches. Mine aren't marked so I can't tell you what sizes they are. If you have a full set, you'll have the required sizes. Also, don't forget your red Loctite. There are no lock washers, so Loctite is an absolute must.
I attached the pick-up in accordance with Dan's instructions, however one of the long bolts was now obstructed by the collector.
That was easily remedied by disassembling the top from the bottom, inserting the bolt and putting it back together.
Done, and ready to go on the bike.
There. I reused the old gasket between the block and the oil pump. A thin screw driver was invaluable for aligning the holes. And don't forget your Loctite.
The sump is now nice and clean...
...inside and out. The drain plug is back in place.
Making a new gasket. I opted for fiber instead of cork since cork tends to "squish out" if you over torque the bolts (which I always do). This material is made by Felpro and is available at Advance Auto Parts, and probably every other auto parts store.
Done. Initially, I used a stock pan as a pattern, but then discovered that it's considerably different from the deep sump, so I had to start over. A proper hole punch makes this task infinitely easier.
Gasket in place with black Permatex smeared on both sides. I always use too much, the sign of a true shade-tree mechanic.
Done, done and done. I filled up with just about 4 liters of 20W-50. Tomorrow, I'll do the other bike.