CJ750 toolbox
6V LED lighting project (in progress) by Ross Kowalski
The 6V Chang Jiang uses a generator in its electrical system. Generators produce lower voltage at idle than at speed, so headlights dim when the engine is idling. Also, the standard bulb uses a lot of the generator's output so if a charging system is marginal in any way, the load of the bulb can prevent proper charging.

I started an LED upgrade project to find a solution for the above mentioned issues. The goal is to create a parts list, plans and instructions for an inexpensive, simple and robust lighting system based on one or several high power LEDs.
The stock bulb from my 6V M1.
A close up of the bulb markings.
The SSC P7 high powered LED.
The test driver.
The lighting system test conditions
The OEM bulb on its high setting in the headlight reflector.
The LED bulb on its high setting, not in the headlight reflector.
Here is a dxf file of the working dimensions. It's not a set of plans, just some geometric studies of the parts. A word of caution. I did not spend any time checking if the dimensions as measured match the pdf spec sheet dimensions. I also did not make strong dimensions from clearly weak as measured dimensions.
The final plans will be correct and complete. This file is just a reference for when I am thinking through fitment and packaging issues. And for those who don't have CAD software, here is a pdf version of the same drawing.
I carefully selected some aluminum stock from the burn pile.
The two hose guides are aluminum with a .5 axle hole.
Freeing the hose guides.
The stock provided enough material to make several test pieces. This is a mounting plate with a knurled .5 aluminum rod press fit into it. It allows me to position the LED anywhere inside the reflector.
Adding thermal paste to keep the LED from overheating.
The LED mounted on the test plate.
Below: Tests performed with regular bulb, standard "ultrabright" LED, and the SSC P7 high powered LED with a Canon G9 set on ISO200, f 2.8 2
Baseline photo of the road.
10 .1 watt ultrabright LEDs.
20 .1 watt ultrabright LEDs.
6V OEM tungsten bulb on low.
6V OEM tungsten bulb on high.
10 watt SSC P7 LED.