CJ750 toolbox
The CJ 6V distributor by Ross Kowalski
The condenser went bad on the M1 the other day. I got arcing at the points so I immediatly suspected the condensor. I clipped on my test condesnor (a condenser with an allegator clip on the holding strap) and bingo, problem solved. I remounted the condenser directly to the coil as that would make it easier to fix if it goes again. While I had things open, I cleaned and photographed what's in there for reference if someone is going to open theirs up. This is not a set of instructions, just a tour.
Removing the cap hold down stud.
Removing the mounting machine screws.
A front view of the housing .
A view of the back of the housing.
The spring bolts that hold the point plate down.
Closeup of the spring bolt assemblies.
The bottom looks like it was staked in place. Better remember to use some Loctite on that.
The point plate with the bolts removed.
Removing or installing the point plate.
The cam hole has left hand threads to stop any oil from the engine from getting in there.
The advance stop cam.
The adjustment for the advance stop cam.
The advance stop cam.
The retard stop screw.
A felt wick to collect errant oil and direct it through the drain hole..
The condenser insulator.
A closeup of the coil connection.
A shot of the condenser clip installed. I do not have a condenser in here as I relocated it externally for easier access.
The paper gasket behind the housing.