Tom Denison's LED headlamp installation
Here’s my take on the LED headlight conversion.   Not much money, not much work, a lot more light..
Here’s what my headlight looked like….pretty dim, and possibly the root of my M1’s charging problems.
Wow.   I knew the bulb was on its way out, but it looks a lot worse than the last time I checked it.
Here’s the new bulb.   6 volts, 19 LEDs, direct replacement for a dual filament 1157 incandescent bulb.   About $14.00 USD.
Replacement 1157 socket, courtesy of NAPA Auto Parts.   $4.60 USD.
I need that flange from the original bulb to make my new socket fit…..
….and 10 minutes of careful hacksaw work later it’s done, almost.
I needed to enlarge the central hole and file a couple of notches to fit the new socket.   A little precision bench grinder and file work took care of that.
Another view.   Sorry for the poor focus.
LED lamp installed in socket.
Lamp, socket and flange drops into the back of the headlight housing…
...followed by the spring….
...then the retaining ring. All that’s left is the wiring.
Add some spade terminals and this new setup will plug right in to the existing plug in the headlight bucket.
I used my test light to make sure what wire was what, then made the connections, and closed it up.
Here’s the results. Quite a bit brighter, and hopefully less taxing on my generator. I’ll keep you all posted.