6V AGM battery installation by Tom Denison
Here’s what I did after ruining a couple of lead acid batteries on my M1. They got discharged to the extent that they would no longer take a charge. I thought an AGM battery might do the trick. Between the gel battery and the LED headlight, I hope the problem will be solved.
Here’s the AGM with a pack of smokes for size comparison. It cost about $12.00 USD, so I bought two. Until my charging problems are resolved, I keep one in my saddlebag for a spare.
First step: switch these….
….to these.
A little clothesline rope, and done! No, not really. I tied it in place just to start the bike to test it.
I couldn’t use the original battery straps since they’re too big for the gel battery, and I didn’t want to modify them, so I had to fab up these little brackets out of some aluminum flatbar I had lying around the garage. They hook under the tabs that the original straps hook to.
Drill holes in the brackets, measure, cut and bend some threaded rod, slide some rubber tubing over the rod, and hold the rod in place with nuts and washers. I have this gizmo set just right so that it holds the battery securely, but I can wiggle the battery out and the fresh battery into place without tools. A little black paint and it will almost disappear.