CJ750 toolbox
Alternative 6V VR installation by Tom Denison
After installing my LED headlight, I thought I had my charging issues solved, but after a couple of rides, I noticed my headlight flickering wildly. I tested my charging system and found that my VR had pooched. I consulted Dan and Ross’s toolbox items and bought a NAPA version of Dan’s Delco-Remy VR for $70 USD. My installation is a little different from Dan’s (see it here) in that I made a smaller mounting bracket and it’s wired slightly differently.
Here’s my mounting bracket. I made it from 1” aluminum flatbar. It’s about 2” long, with two holes drilled in it, the top hole for bolting it to the bottom hole in the VR bracket on the bike's frame. The bottom hole of my bracket is where the new VR’s bottom leg bolts on. Note the ground wire from the battery attached to the frame.
Here’s Dan’s bracket. I would have made this, but I didn’t have anything in the garage wide enough.
A shot of the top leg of the new VR, bolted to the top hole of the bike’s original bracket. .
There’s not much clearance between the VR and that ear sticking out of the air cleaner, but it fits. And I can remove the lid to clean the filter without problems. I took the air cleaner off before mounting the VR to make room to work..
Here’s a shot of the original VR. The terminals are marked thusly: Top – DC; Middle – WA; Bottom – W. I made a drawing of what wires came off what terminals, since my memory is bad. There’s a grounding stud on the back..
The VR looks right at home on this bike since it's a vinatge design.