CJ750 toolbox
Mounting a license plate on the front fender - Tom Denison

I received a “pedestrian slicer” license plate for Christmas and finally got around to installing it last week. The project involved a little light fabrication to get the look I wanted. My plate came with four angle brackets for installing it on the front fender. That’s fine for a military bike, but I was looking for something a little more civilian-looking.

I poked around the local hardware store and found these. They’re lampshade finials, little threaded doodads that screw a lampshade onto the harp of a table lamp.
I used the old bench grinder to make a flat spot on the side, so I could drill a hole.
I used my drill press to drill the hole all the way through to the other side.
Then I broke out the moto tool that I got for Christmas and stacked up three cut-off discs to get the right thickness.
I cut a slot down the middle of the finial. The slot is wide enough for the license plate to slide into and fit snugly.   This shot was taken before I realized I need to drill the hole all the way through.
I used sheet metal screws to attach the plate to the bracket.   I figured that the brass was soft enough and the plate was thin enough to be secured that way, as long as the screws go all the way through, squeezing the plate in the bracket.   Then I ground and filed the ends of the screws flush with the bracket.
Time to locate the plate to the fender.
Getting it all measured and lined up.
Take a deep breath, and drill a couple of holes.
A little black spray paint, rubber washers under each bracket, and it’s finished! Stainless steel screws with flat and lock washers thread into the brackets from underneath.
Here’s a close up of the finished product. I’m pleased with the vintage look that closely replicates the originals.