CJ750 toolbox Fixing a gearbox oil leak by Bill Taylor
The kickstarter buffer:

A common source of gearbox leakage is the part located under the gearbox near the oil drain plug.
Although it seems to be just a point to attach the brake pedal spring, the part in question is actually a buffer assembly that acts as a stopper and shock absorber for the kickstarter lever. If required, an oil leak can be fixed as follows:
• Unhook the brake pedal spring.
• Drain the oil.
• Pull the kickstarter lever down and attach it so it can't return to its rest position. When attaching it, make sure that the lever is also prevented from moving rearwards.
This is important, since when the buffer is removed, the kickstarter lever shaft can pull out far enough so that the kickstarter return spring becomes unhooked. If this happens, nothing will be damaged, but you'll need to remove the gearbox from the bike to put the spring back in place.

• Remove the buffer assembly, clean it, then seal the threads with gasket compound and re-assemble.
The foot shifter cover plate:

Remove the 4 hex bolts, and then pull out the foot shifter assembly. Replace the gasket if required, and then re-assemble.
The hand shifter cover plate:

Remove the hand shift lever and the 6 Philips head screws, and then pull off the cover plate. Replace the shaft seal and gasket if required, and then re-assemble.