Upgrade your master cylinder and retain reverse control levers by Jesse Katz
The problem with CJ750 brakes is they don’t work! So you bought the double disc brake set-up, thinking this will be great, I will be able to stop the beast now. The big disappointment is that the master cylinder sent from China isn't big enough to move the to calipers to clamp more than a baby can lift weight. What did you do?
You don’t want a big master cylinder on your handlebars. You like the reverse levers. You don't want to pay big bucks for an aftermarket cylinder. The answer is to make you own.
We bought a clutch slave cylinder from a junk yard Mistubishi for $5. The bore diameter on the one with the disc was 13mm and the one from the car is 24mm (5/8"). We fabricated a mount to hold the cylinder.
It takes a " cable movement to move the clutch master 1", all the while keeping the reverse handles set up, and tucking the whole thing under the tank like a late 70s BMW! The brakes work great now. Problem solved with an afternoon's worth of work.