CJ750 toolbox
"The Chairman" is Stephen Gaulin's M1 Super. He's made some improvements on the bike, particularly with the lighting. Here we see a pair of JC Whitney button lights in place of the bolts at the tops of the lower hinge straps for the side car trunk lid.
I like the subtlety of these lights. One could paint the lamp bodies to match their bike for an even more subtle effect.
This is how they look from the back of the panel. Since the sidecar is insulated from the bike, Stephen had to run a ground wire to the frame. Tape holds the wiring in place. The carpet on the trunk floor is there to reduce noise.
Clicking on the image will take you to this item in the Whitney catalog.
Here's an upgrade he did on the sidecar fender running light. Stephen plans to fill the space between the light and the housing using the old CJ concave reflector that was part of the original fixture. The light is made by Pilot and cost $26 at GI Joe's.
Here we see it illuminated.
The new unit is quite compact. Here we see it outside of the housing.
A detail shot of the fixture. It's very bright, enough to illuminate the roadway.