CJ750 toolbox

Meat thermometers for oil temperature by Freddie B.:

This is my quick way of gauging oil temperature while riding. A very simple method using an electronic meat thermometer. It is a good tool and an inexpensive/easy way to get a baseline reading for future rides.

I used an electronic meat thermometer bought from Target—$12.00. (Walmart also has it.) This model has a magnetic strip on the back to place on the tank while riding. Features include C degrees and F degrees conversion, Temp Alert and timer. Use a rubber chair leg tip 16mm (5/8") as a plug ($2.00)

Today, I rode my new bike that Shao built to my local DMV to get it registered. I finally had time after two weeks of traveling. The DMV is a 30 minute ride one way from my house with only three stops for the first 10 minutes. Going there, I was cruising 40-45 mph (Approx. 60km/h) and when I arrived, the temperature was 190 F (87 C). I didn't think that was bad for an 80 F day in sunny San Jose, California.

BTW, I got my bike registered and licenses plates without having to go to the Highway Patrol to do a VIN check. It was a great day for me! All the documents that Shao sent made it very easy! On the way back I was was riding 50 mph (approx. 80km/h) and the temp reached 210-220F (approx. 98-104C) after 30 minutes. I know that I was pushing my limits but needed to know. This gauge helped me determine what my limits are during this break-in period.

Also to note, I did not get any boiling in carbs., steering still tracked without and any wobble, and no leaks so far. My breather has a few drops but that is all.

Ross Kowalski's meat thermometer installation.