CJ750 toolbox
Miin Leong monitors oil temperature
Here is my non-digital method of monitoring the oil temp. The picture here is from my Royal Enfield. It will work the same for a CJ. Go to Starbucks and buy one of the mini-thermometers they use for testing the cappuccino temp. It's about $5. Remove the CJ dipstick, saw or grind off the wings of the dipstick and the leveler.
Drill a small hole in the center, mark the thermometer by file or grind a mark for the oil level indicator. Bond the thermometer with cold weld (JB Cold Weld glue.) Wait 24 hours. Viola! You now have an all-in-one mini dipstick/thermometer.
This mini thermometer can be placed almost anywhere around the engine, e.g., oil pan, works great on deep sump pan. Just drill a small hole and insert, bond with cold weld and you have a mini-temp reader.