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Keith Partington's 750 Toolbox
A lower pillion saddle for solo machines
Km/h-mph speedometer face
Two solutions for stripped fork threads
Jesse Katz' 750 Toolbox
Economical solution for an overly puny disc brake master cylinder
Phil Smith & Ben Horner's 750 Toolbox
Installation manual for a Sidecar Pro alternator and electronic ignition system
Phil Smith's 750 Toolbox <><
Installing a Sidecar Pro alternator and electronic ignition system
Paul Morgan's 750 Toolbox
Flexible dipstick
Dave Vella's 750 Toolbox
Making a flexible dipstick
Building a truing stand
Fixing leaky Mikuni knock-off carbs
Fixing the brakes inside an M5 wheel hub
Tim O'Connor's 750 Toolbox
CJ750 Family Electronic Ignition and Improved Charging System
George Hagerty's 750 Toolbox
Build a cotter-pin press
Installing a Voltmeter with on-off switch
Installing a cylinder head temperature guage
Pete Murphy's 750 Toolbox
Renewing a pair of PZ24 carbs, part I.
Renewing a pair of PZ24 carbs, part Ii.
Bill White's 750 Toolbox
Pannier installation
Ray Costa's 750 Toolbox
CJ assembly manual
Trevor Bos' 750 Toolbox
Oil pump pick-up extender
Echlin VR1003 12V voltage regulator installation
Dan Chase's 750 Toolbox
Recommended tools for the road
Mattias Sjösvärd's 750 Toolbox
Fitting a CJ with a Ural drive wheel
Tom Denison's 750 Toolbox
Mounting a front license plate
6V voltage regulator installation
6V AGM battery installation
6V LED lighting project
Putting oil in the engine (instead of on it)
Bill Taylor's 750 Toolbox
Fixing gearbox rear seal oil leaks
Fork disassembly and reassembly
OHV rebuild from Kuazike
OHV engine repair manual
Everything you ever wanted to know about CJ crankshafts
SV lubrication diagram
Fixing gearbox oil leaks
OHV lubrication system in .pdf format
Final drive assembly, pdf format (in Chinese with English translations)
Carburetor cleaning, pdf format (in Chinese with English translations)
12V starter motor maintenance, pdf format (in Chinese with English translations)
Xiang Jiang 750 manual, pdf format (in Chinese)
Rear shock assembly procedure in pictures, pdf format (in Chinese)
CJ750 master parts catalog, pdf format (in Chinese)
Clutch cable upgrade
OHV alternator rotor repair
OHV crankshaft placement
Adapting grease fittings for carb balancing
Building a static wheel balancer
Changing a broken spoke
Francois Roux' 750 Toolbox
LED lighting system installation
6V battery charging simplified
Changing & setting 6V points
Forward thrust bracket for the generator
Oil dipstick with temperature guage
Murray Bowden's 750 Toolbox
Oil dipstick with temperature guage
Alternator rotor removal tool
"Here is my vented final drive filler plug. I drilled a 1.5mm hole through the plug and drilled it out 6mm deep for the 1/4" tube. I would have rather used 1/8" tube to make it all a bit more miniature but you use what you have on hand."
Favian Scioscia's 750 Toolbox
Installing manometer ports on CJ carbs
Making a manometer (carburetor synchronizer)
Steve Christo's 750 Toolbox
Pulling an OHV engine
6V CJ750 wiring diagram
Bosch 6V Volkswagen regulator
Assorted tech notes
Decoking a sidevalve
Thomas Tjäderbäck's 750 Toolbox
M1M/Mikuni dyno test
Cajun Mike's 750 Toolbox
SV lubrication and fuel mixture
A few words about predetonation
Generators and regulators with footnotes from Gerald Gardebled
Useful hints for identifying and testing generators
George Baker's 750 Toolbox
Engine front and timing cover disassembly
Engine front case reassembly
Disassembling a reverse gearbox
Inspecting the components of a reverse gearbox
Reassembling a reverse gearbox
Clutch plate and flywheel removal
Frans de Wit's 750 Toolbox
Wrist pin installation & removal tool
Ruud Pols' 750 Toolbox
Duplex front brakes
Gary Morgan's 750 Toolbox
Solving an overheating problem once and for all
Gary Morgan's M72 Toolbox
Link to an M72 manual (in pdf format). This material applies to the CJ M1.
Link to a K750 lubrication chart
Link to the Russian lubrication table that's been translated into English
Paul Gardner's 750 Toolbox
Disc-brake upgrade
Terry Iseli's 750 Toolbox
Driveshaft elastic coupler repair
David Olesen's 750 Toolbox
Sparkplug cross reference
John Nash's 750 Toolbox
Ignition switch and warning lamps
Wiring in a 12V regulator to a 6V generator
BMW vs. CJ750 Charging systems
Shared Toolboxes
A few words about final drive gear ratios from Greg
Adjusting valves on an OHV by Richard Cook and Jeff Pierce
Ingenious methods for monitoring oil temperature by Freddie B. and Ross Kowalski
Ross Kowalski's 750 Toolbox
Getting familiar with stock CJ carburetors
Home-made socket for SV head bolts
Examining a 6V distributor
6V LED lighting project
Installing an oil temperature gauge
Repairing a 6V horn
Secondary gearbox drain plug
12V magneto conversion project
Adjusting the points and timing on an M1M
Ultra-heavy duty fender supports
Fuel system sediment trap
Removing the rear wheel
Stopping an oil leak with a simple gasket replacement
An ammeter for your CJ
Modified 6V ignition system
Home fabricated pre-war Beemer style air filter
Building the world's cheapest carb balancer
MPH speedometer face template
Voltage regulators
Danno's 750 Toolbox
Quick and easy fix for a broken speedometer cable
Modifications to improve the 6V charging system
Moving a 6V condenser to a more logical location
Installing a Cason oil pump pick-up extension
Black straight pipes from copper
Rear seat pedestal—paint it, chrome it, or ditch it altogether
Sidecar fender bracket details
Decent duckboards for twenty bucks
Making and installing Slim-Line Mark-II fender brackets
Changing the gearbox output shaft seal
Drilling out carburetor jets
Drill bit size index
Easy fix for a leaky valve stem
Mysteries of the 6V VW regulator revealed
Changing steering bearings
Adjusting valves on a 6V CJ with additional photos provided by Francois Roux
CJ cables—some things you should know
CJ brake shoes—crappy, crappier and crappiest
Changing an inner tube
A cheap and effective fuel filter that you can make in no time flat
Making a set of slim-line fender brackets
A cheap and effective gasoline baffle
Lengthening the road tube for less oil mess
Non-laced CJ wheels (only because you asked for them.)
Vintage style taillight wiring
Vintage style horns and placement
Front fenders, high and low
Piston meltdown!
Piston meltdown II
Tony Salvatore's 750 Toolbox
NAPA voltage regulator
Honda petcock
Vintage style wiring
Bart Sanders' 750 Toolbox
A failing rear-main seal
The M1M rebuilding project
Repairing a broken odometer
Replacing the rear main seal
How to set ignition timing on an M1 engine
Installing sealed wheel bearings
Using BMW tools to install clutches the proper way
Upgrading clutch cable support and adjustment components
Jeff Pierce's 750 Toolbox
"12V wiring diagram based on the wiring on my bike."
Diode diagram (a continuation of the above)
Richie Hahn's 750 Toolbox
Installing a solid state 12V regulator
John Boon Durr's 750 Toolbox
Tool list
Freddie B's 750 Toolbox
Coating your fuel tank.
Replacing and relocating the 6V coil
Mark Fisher's 750 Toolbox
A final drive takes its final dump
Orvo Valilla's 750 Toolbox
An OHV takes a huge and very smelly dump
Installing a deep sump and high-capacity oil pump
Will Aygarn's 750 Toolbox
Replacing light sockets
McKinnon & Middler's 750 Toolbox
A few words about carbs
Miin Leong's 750 Toolbox
Bike trailer alternative
LED daytime running light headlamp
Ingenious method for monitoring oil temperature
Redline MT-90 oil
Chris Jordan's 750 Toolbox
The best 12V wiring diagram ever
Replacing the air filter element with a NAPA filter
Dariusz Wiecha's 750 Toolbox
Installing a Boyer electronic ignition system on an M1M
Reference material from DTE
M1 parts catalog
CJ owner's manual
Stephen Gaulin's 750 Toolbox
Side car lighting enhancements
Installing a deep sump oil pan plus other tips and tricks
Kent Berg's 750 Toolbox
Sidecar brake installation
Lutz Kraus' M72 Toolbox
BMW 6V ignition comparison
Early M72 rear saddle
Comparison of CJ750, M72 and R71 frames
Comparison of the R71 and early M72 headlamp
Repairing an old M72 gas tank
R75 style front spring covers
R71 hand shifter on an M72 from
M72 regulators
Frame preparation
Dan Cason's 750 Toolbox
Rear spring removal & installation
Valve installation using a drill press
Oil pump extension for deep sump
Some clever technical ideas
An improvised tool for seating the clutch shaft
Pointless ignition installation on an M1 that's been converted to 12V
Vented final drive filler plug
Woody Burns' 750 Toolbox
Building a set of duck boards
Angelo Ecker's 750 Toolbox
Oil temp gauge installation
Richard Cook's 750 Toolbox
Installing a Cason oil pump pick-up extension
Gas filter lifting handle
Ignition switch replacement for an M1S
A fifteen-dollar-and-a-bunch-of-scrap sidecar roller
Installing pillion seat
Repairing a missing slide guide in a Mikuni copy
Installing a clutch cable with Freddie B.
The too-easy Donghai petcock fix
Testing and replacing a defective ignition switch
Installing a Niehoff WA 709 regulator in a 12 volt Chang
How to remove the fuel tank
Using a trailer connector to run wiring to the sidecar
Installing a sidecar
Separate switch for taillights and sidelight
Foot shifter adjustment
Making a hand shifter for selecting reverse