Vintage style wiring
The earliest Changs were virtually identical to the Soviet M72 like the one pictured here.
Take a look at how the taillight wiring was routed along the outside of the fender. You'll also see that they used wire with fabric insulation.
This is an example of the old style wiring that's still available from China. This particular sample is from LRM.
When Gerald built Alpha he stayed true to all the vintage CJ/M72 details including taillight wiring.
In one sense it's better to have externally routed wiring since the interior of the fender can be such a nasty environment.
Gerald sent me a bunch of that old style wire which I've been installing on Grey Slowpoke starting with the taillight. This detail really enhances the vintage look.
I also like the convenience of having the wiring exposed.
Gerald sent this picture of another example of external wiring. The routing is correct and uses correct clips unlike my bike which is improvised.
Most CJs seem to have had the wiring on the right side of the fender while M72s had it on the left.
We've seen how the bike taillight wiring was routed on vintage Changs. Here's an example of how it was done on the sidecar. This particular sidecar is of the old M72 variety with the framework extending over the fender. It's being restored by LRM.