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CJU does NOT recommend MH Moto World as a source of CJ parts.
Their eBay ID is chinesemoonday15.
Take a gander at the remodeled Cape Sidecar Adventures website!
Tim Clarke built this Bonneville-style racer from an M1M. He calls her "Maggie Mei".
Meet Derek Chudyk from Summerland, BC, Canada, and his M1 Super
From Enno de Bruyn
BMW R75/7 conversion from Sun Yun
Engine front and timing cover disassembly by George Baker
Engine front case reassembly by George Baker
Martin Bührer's M1M
1000cc Beemer-powered conversion from Jim Bryant
Charles Duan's BMW-powered sidecar
CJ6 restoration shop in Kingman, AZ from Jim Bryant
Beamer conversion from Sun Yun
Gary Bergman's M1M
Stay tuned for a few surprises from Jim Bryant.
Jeff Pierce: "It's done!"
BMW sidecar conversion from Sun Yun
Awaiting restoration by Sun Yun is this rare Dong Hai 750.
Another sweet military-themed BMW conversion from Sun Yun
R80 Beemer-Chang for sale from Sun Yun
Jeff Pierce: "From paper cut-out concept to reality..."
Jeff Pierce scores highly improved (BMW R75 Zündapp KS750) hand levers on eBay.
Todd Parham's solo project is completed!
M1 Super for sale from Sun Yun
FOR SALE: M1 Super with only 750km, in top order, comes with assorted extras (diode board, VR, solenoid, PZ28 carbs (with extra float kits). Brisbane, Australia, $1000.
Indian-inspired BMW conversion from Sun Yun
Mike Timoshyk's M1M, "Blondie". Tim lives in Alberta, Canada.
M1 Super from Sun Yun
From Mike Goldthorpe: Little girl on a bike with the Chinese direction indicator, but it’s not a CJ. The Zundapp K500 they made, maybe?
Gorgeous M1M for sale in Beijing!
Another R100-powered Chang Jiang from Sun Yun
An R100 engine with a CJ750 gearbox from Sun Yun
A very sweet BMW-powered CJ from Sun Yun
Link to a sidecar rally report—from John Heim
An incredible deal on a BMW-powered CJ from Sun Yun
Trond's M1 Super in Norway
Two more freshly built BMW-powered Changs from Sun Yun
R60 engines with CJ gearboxes!
Sidecar Leo isn't just building CJs these days, but if you'd like a CJ-powered cafe racer...
What happens when Jeff Pierce and Jim Bryant put their heads together? This!
Sun Yun will be mounting these BMW engines in CJ frames!
A lower pillion saddle for solo machines by Keith Partington
Beautiful M1 Super for sale in Texas
Pictures and news from Thomas Koehle in Austria
Two BMW R100 re-powers under construction by Sun Yun
Military-themed M1M built by Sun Yun
Super-customized BMW-powered CJ by Sun Yun
A gorgeous custom-built M1M by Sun Yun, and it's only $4000!
Another sweet BMW-powered CJ by Sun Yun
Sun Yun now stocks stainless steel front-end components at excellent prices.
Sun also offers these sweet stainless CJ mufflers for sale at only $40 a pair! "Nice sound, similar to Harley." Email
Another super fine machine built by Sidecar Leo in Beijing!
Another show-stopper from Sidecar Leo in Beijing!
Smoke break out in the middle of nowhere
Yes, it's a CJ750!—from Jim Bryant
Keith Partington's km/h-mph speedometer face
Keith Partington's solutions for stripped fork threads
"My name is Michael Farrens and I live in Jiangmen, China. Just had this M1S custom build finished by Leo in Beijing."
Don't forget the fundamentals.
Mister Dumbass drops by.
Mister Dumbass just can't stay away.